Childish Behavior Over The Dogs

, | Friendly | May 13, 2015

(We are queueing at the checkout with our collie in the local branch of a chain of camping shops. A middle-aged woman ahead of us notices the dog and, clearly surprised, asks:)

Lady: “Is that a working dog?”

Me: “No, he’s just a tripehound, but there’s a sign on the door saying that well-behaved dogs are welcome. As he’s both well-behaved and a dog, here he is.”

Lady: *sniffily* “I don’t think they should be allowed where there’s children.”

(A friend who works at the shop was waiting for me beyond the checkout and asked me what it had all been about. After I’d explained, he said:)

Friend: “I’d sooner have the dogs and ban the children. They’re a lot less trouble.”

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