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Chicken Noodle Soup For The Soul, Part 2

, , | Right | May 4, 2016

(It’s graduation week, so we’ve been assaulted by last minute balloon orders. All of us are working ten-hour shifts, and while we have 30 minute breaks for lunch, none of us have been able to make use of them because we’re that overtaken. It’s near the end of the day and I’ve yet to eat, I’m suffering a headache, and my feet are killing me. I feel like I’m ready to burst into tears when 15 minutes before close, a woman walks with a massive return, which I have to do since I’m the acting manager on duty and my only co-worker is in the back doing clean up detail.)

Customer: “Are you okay, dear? You don’t look like you feel well.”

Me: “It’s been a long day. I haven’t had the chance to eat. We got slammed by graduation parties today, so I didn’t get to go buy anything. And stupid me, I didn’t think to bring my lunch.”

Customer: “You can’t run out to grab anything now?”

Me: “We close shortly. I have to go immediately home after this so my husband can get to his job. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be complaining. It’s just been a tiring day, that’s all.”

Customer: “That’s okay, dear. It’s almost over, at least.”

(We finish her transaction and she leaves. Two minutes before close, she shows up again with a $5 box meal from a nearby chicken place and sets it in front of me, then walks back out before I can say anything. I did cry then, but it was in gratitude. Thank you, ma’am, for making my day so much better!)


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