Chewing Through The Possibilities

, , , | Friendly | August 20, 2018

(I go to scheduled in-person meetups from an online group. Our drinks sometimes get misplaced.)

Group Member #1: “Where’s my drink? These two in front of me aren’t mine.”

(I look over and see my cup with the chewed-up straw.)

Me: “Oh, one’s mine.”

Group Member #2: “And the other is mine.”

(I get there first.)

Group Member #2: “Wait, that one is mine.”

Me: “I chewed up the straw.”

Group Member #2: “What? I did, too!”

Group Member #3: “Hey, this one’s chewed, as well!”

(Yep, both of us decided to purposely chew up our straws so we could recognize our drinks.)

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