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Chew The Gum, Bubble Your Money

| Learning | September 9, 2013

(My brother has been assigned one of the most evil, annoying, strict teachers I’ve ever seen. He made my year a living hell, but my brother seems to have outsmarted him.)

Teacher: “[Brother], are you chewing gum in my class?”

Brother: “Er… yes?”

Teacher: “Well, you get the gum sheet.”

(The gum sheet is a giant sheet of graph paper that he gives you, and demands that you write the word ‘gum’ in every single box.)

Brother: “Okay.”

(Instead of just one sheet, he takes fifteen from the math department and dedicates a weekend to filling them all out with the word ‘gum’.)

Me: “What are you doing?”

Brother: “I figured a lot of kids chew gum during his class, so I’m going to sell these sheets already filled out for five dollars.”

(The teacher never found out. All the kids worshipped my brother, and he had more than enough money for gum.)

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