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Chemically Imbalanced, Part 5

| Romantic | January 7, 2013

(My boyfriend and I are huge science geeks. We are texting as I wait for him to pick me up.)

Boyfriend: “So, I have a serious and science-y question for you.”

Me: *confused* “Okay?”

Boyfriend: “Tungsten Iodine Lithium Lithium-Yttrium Oxygen Uranium-Magnesium Gold Radon Radon Yttrium- Magnesium Erbium.”

(He does this as a joke a lot, so I start decoding.)

Me: “Okay, this makes no sense, but is it: Wilili You Mgaurnrny Me?”

Boyfriend: “I forgot to tell you that its first letter only.”

(I start decoding again.)

Me: “Makes some sense, so is it: Till You Mgrry Me?”

Boyfriend: “I meant the symbol, sorry.”

(I start decoding again and I see him start to drive up the driveway. When I finish decoding I start crying. My boyfriend comes out of the car and reads his message he sent me.)

Boyfriend: “Will You Marry Me?”

Me: “Yes!”

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