Cheesed Off All By Yourself

| Working | January 11, 2015

(I am about 12 years old at the time.)

Me: “Hi, could I please get a [Popular Restaurant Burger] from the value menu with only cheese?

(The employee gives me an angry glare for about three seconds followed by hitting the button for a burger with everything on it then pushing the ‘remove item’ button for all the other things.)

Employee: “Why do you have to be so DIFFICULT?!”

Me: “You know, there is a button to the right of the one you pushed that automatically takes off everything except the cheese…”

Employee: *screaming* “No, there isn’t! You just made that up to make me look stupid!”

Me: “Why would I need to make you look stupid? You are doing a fine job of that on your own!”

Employee: “YOU LITTLE S***!”

(Overhearing this, the manager comes over.)

Manager: “Pack your things and leave now. This is the third time TODAY that you have yelled at a customer!” *to me* “Your food will be right out and free of charge, I am so sorry you had to deal with her.”

Me: “Thank you, but why did you let her keep working here after her first screaming match?”

Manager: “Sadly, I just got here. I was watching the tapes because I had gotten several complaints and was coming out to fire her anyway, but now I feel even more justified.”

(We now go to that restaurant on a regular basis and are good friends with that manager. Side note, kids: if you ever encounter an employee being mean, first, be as nice as possible –  if they are determined to get a reaction, this is incredibly funny. Second, tell the manager IMMEDIATELY after it happens so nobody else has to deal with employees being jerks!)

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