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Cheesed Off About The Menu

| Working | March 21, 2016

(Our local takeaway sells a chicken roll and for a while had a special menu item of a bacon, chicken, and cheese roll — basically, the same thing as the chicken roll but with bacon and cheese. Some locations have it on the menu, while some don’t but still sell it. I go into one location where it’s not on the menu but decide to try my luck anyway. They make rolls and burgers to order.)

Me: “Hi, can I have a bacon, cheese, and chicken roll, please?”

Cashier: “We no longer sell that. If it’s not on the menu, we don’t sell it, and it’s not on the menu. See?” *motions to menu and rolls eyes at colleague as if I am the dumbest person to ever walk into their store*

Me: “Oh, okay. Can I have a custom order chicken roll with added bacon and cheese, then?”

Cashier: “Sure!”

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