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Cheese- Louise!, Part 2

, , , | Right | June 6, 2020

I work at a fast food restaurant that has dollar cheeseburgers and hamburgers available as well as larger burgers.

Customer: “I would like two hamburgers.”

Me: “Would you like the junior ones or a big one?”

Customer: “I don’t know; I just want two hamburgers!”

Me: “I need to know so we can charge you accordingly.”

The customer rambles on, so I put in two of the dollar hamburgers.

Me: “That will be $2.12.”

The customer looks at the receipt.

Customer: “You charged me for the cheese!”

Me: “What?!”

Customer: “It says up there that the junior cheeseburgers are a dollar!”

Me: “Yes, but you got two junior hamburgers; they’re the same price, but without cheese!”

Customer: “But I’m still paying for the cheese, then. I don’t want the cheese!”

Me: “I’m sorry. I can’t do anything to change the prices; I just put in what you tell me and the register adds it up!

Even if I did try and give him a discount to get him to stop complaining, our cheapest “coupon” is for a dollar.

Customer: “Forget it! I’ll just go to [Another Fast Food Restaurant across the street]; they’ll give me what I want!” *Leaves*

I voided out the order, wondering how much he wanted taken off for no cheese on a dollar burger.

Cheese- Louise!