Checkout This Scam, Again

| Right | July 12, 2017

(The customer is buying a small purchase, and pays with a $50 bill. The bill is genuine according to my bill check pen, so I think nothing of it and give him his change.)

Customer: “Woah, woah. You’re giving me too much change. I paid with a twenty.”

Me: “Nope, it was a fifty. I have it right here.”

(The customer looks through his cash.)

Customer: “Oh, you’re right. The twenty’s right here. Hey, I don’t like having all these bills so can I buy back that fifty?”

(He holds out two twenties and a bunch of ones. Normally we can’t exchange money like that, but since he only just gave me that fifty and it seemed to be a mistake, I make an exception.)

Me: “Sure.” *I set down the fifty as I count out his money* “There are only nine ones. I need one more.”

Customer: *hands me one more one* “Actually, can I give you all this crap and buy a hundred from you?”

(He holds out the fifty, two twenties, and ten ones. At this point, I recognize the scam from the story Checkout This Scam.)

Me: “Actually, we don’t stock the tills with hundreds. I’m only able to give you this fifty because you just gave it to me.”

Customer: “Okay… Where were we, then?”

Me: “You take your fifty, I take this, and we’re done.”

(I took the twenties and ones to put in my till, the customer walked away, and I reported him to store security.)

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