Checkout Etiquette Has Checked Out

, , , | Right | May 9, 2018

(I work in a higher-end clothing shop located within a national retail chain. I work for this other brand, not the retail chain that comprises the majority of the store. While both my shop and the store it’s inside use the same register system, we are generally supposed to handle our own purchases, questions, and returns, and the host store is meant to do the same. There are several registers for the host store set into the jewelry counter a few feet away. I see a customer approach my register with a cart overflowing with apparel from the host store. I’m helping a customer to my brand shop for school uniforms.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, this checkout is just for [My Brand], but you can take your purchases to the jewelry counter where they can ring you up.”

Customer: “I’m already here.” *begins loading clothing onto my small counter*

Me: “Sorry, you’re going to have to go to the [Host Store] register at the jewelry counter. I’m with a customer already, either way. There is no line at the jewelry counter.”

Customer: “Just do your d*** job and ring me up. I’m not taking all this over there.”

(She waves her hand dismissively at the mountain of clothing she’s dumped on my counter. I look at the customer I’m helping, not wanting to inconvenience her. She’s been so sweet and polite; she doesn’t deserve to have to wait for this rude woman. She smiles back at me, places her hand on my upper arm, and turns to the rude customer.)

My Customer: “Did she stutter? Take that cheap s*** over to the other counter! If you want to take up the time of a [My Brand] salesperson, you should be purchasing something from [My Brand] and not just a cartful of low-quality trash. Get over there before we have a problem!”

(I was stunned into silence. My customer turned back to me, smiled again, and looked back to the school uniform order form we were filling out together. The rude lady stormed off. My customer wound up ordering $3000 in apparel — on which I made a 5% commission, the way I make the majority of my income. I’m glad I didn’t lose her to that rude woman, even if her methods were extreme.)

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