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Checking In On Those Due To Check Out

| Working | May 28, 2014

(It’s about 3:30 in the afternoon. My husband, brother, and I are at the till with a cart stacked to the brim with groceries. We’ve let a few people who have only a few items cut in front of us, because we know we’re going to need a lot of the cashier’s time to checkout. After letting the second person skip us, the manager happens to see this.)

Manager: “Come here. Follow me. You can cash out at another till.”

Me: “Oh! Thank you!”

(The manager takes us two tills over, to a till with a CLOSED sign. The cashier is in the process of taking out her till. She looks at us, and our cart, and her shoulders sag.)

Cashier: “I… I’m REALLY sorry, but I JUST closed this till. I’m so sorry.”

Manager: “No, no. You can do this. You’ll cash them out.”

Cashier: “What? Please! I’ve been here since 6 am! I just closed. Please, no. I want to go home!”

Manager: *he gives her a grin and tone like he’s talking to a baby* “No, no. You can do this! Come on! You can stay open longer! Come on! You can do it!”

Cashier: *looking visibly upset* “I… please… I only had a half hour lunch. I would really like to go. Please, can’t you do it?”

Husband: “It’s cool. We’ll go back to the other till! Don’t worry about it! You need to head on home!”

Me: “Yeah, no worries!”

Manager: *still with a condescending grin and tone* “No! She can do it! Come on, now! You do it! Go on, girl!”

Brother: “No, man, really. It’s okay. We’ll go to the other till.”

Cashier: “Really? Are you sure? Thank you so much…”

Me: “Of course!”

Manager: *waving his hands* “No! She will do it! She will! Do it, girl! Come on!”

Cashier: *looking like she’s about to break down* “But… but…”

Husband: “Yeah, no, we don’t think so. We’ll go to another till. You go on home!”

(We pull our cart away before the manager can say anything more, and go back to the other till. The cashier quickly left, visibly upset, with the manager shaking his head. My husband stands in line with us for a moment, then suddenly storms off. He tracks down the manager, and then tears into him, loud enough for customers nearby to hear.)

My Husband: “Look, man. What you did back there to that cashier? That was NOT OKAY. She said she had been here since 6 am. It’s past 3:30 pm. LONG past her time to go home. The way you treated her? Talked to her? NOT OKAY, and don’t you EVER talk to her that way again! YOU HEAR ME? DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!”

(The manager bowed his head, muttered an apology, and scuttled off!)

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