Checking In On Those Checked In

, , , | Right | September 21, 2019

About a year ago, my hotel had a family of repeat problem guests. This family was constantly trying to get things for free, demanded discounts they were not eligible for — usually our military rate, which is the lowest one we offer, by showing a draft card and claiming it counted as a military ID — were rude to other guests and staff, and were just generally miserable people. They stayed with us quite regularly for a while, until finally, they walked out on a $1000+ bill. It’s a long story; we kept telling upper management it would happen but they refused to do anything about them because they were “frequent guests” and “always paid in the end” — until they didn’t. They were finally banned.

Flash forward to tonight. A guest called down to the front complaining that there was a crying baby in the room near his — he could not tell us which room — and that he couldn’t sleep. My somewhat newer coworker took the call, and told me afterward that the guest had refused to move rooms entirely because it was so late, but wanted another room comped to sleep in, which he was granted. He also mentioned that there was an earlier complaint on the same room for a faulty showerhead. I was suspicious, so I looked up the reservation. The surname was very familiar — let’s say that the family previously mentioned booked under the name M. Jones and this room was under D. Jones. I checked the reservation history; they had checked in a few nights ago, initially for one night, and then extended day by day. That was red flag #2; the family in question had done the same to our never-ending frustration.

Then, during the course of my nightly paperwork, I found red flag #3: a no-show from the same night they had checked in. They had used a few different names when they first started staying with us, and this was another very familiar name. Again, for the sake of argument, let’s say that their old rooms had been sometimes booked under “Muffy Smith” and this reservation was “Milly Smith.” Also notable, an “L. Jones” was listed as a guest.

I fired off an email to my manager for when he came in in the morning.

They were kicked out.

If they would have just kept their heads down and been happy just to be able to check in again, they never would have been caught. But they had to get greedy, and now they’re doubly banned.

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