Checked Way Out Before They Checked In

, , , | Right | December 8, 2018

(A disheveled man carrying what looks like a sleeping bag enters our hotel at two am, and I think that he is a homeless guy at first.)

Disheveled Man: “Checking in; what do you need?”

Me: “Name, please.”

(He gives me his name, and after looking, I see that he has made his reservation for tomorrow and I tell him so.)

Disheveled Man: “What do you mean? Today is [Date], right? I made my reservation for [Date]!”

Me: “Yes, today is technically [Date], but check-in time’s at three pm.”

Disheveled Man: “So?!”

Me: “Not… two am.”

Disheveled Man: *deer in headlights* “…” *blinks* “No! It’s [Date]!”

Me: “Three pm. In about 13 hours, your room’ll be ready. Right now… we’re all full.”

Disheveled Man: “All full?! Don’t you treat me like a fool! I used to be a doctor of surgery, understand?! I’m smart! I’m very smart!”

(He treated me to a rant about how smart he was, and how many patients he’d performed successfully on, before finally leaving in a huff. Seriously people, don’t be an idiot; check in at check-in time! Read the terms and conditions for once.)

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