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Check Yourself Regarding What You Checked On At Check-In

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: mstarrbrannigan | May 23, 2022

I work in a hotel. I had a guy check in yesterday afternoon — a very normal, uneventful check-in. This morning, he comes down to the desk in a tizzy about the deposit. He’d tried to check out with the night auditor this morning and was very unhappy to learn that the deposit on his card wouldn’t be refunded instantaneously. What’s more, he insisted I’d told him it would.

Guest: “You stood there and you told me that the deposit would be refunded immediately. So when I check out, you’re going to go up and check my room and give me my money back.”

Me: “That’s not accurate, sir, so I can’t imagine I would have said that. After you check out, housekeeping will check the room. Then, on our end, we will refund the deposit, and then your bank processes the refund.”

For whatever reason, our deposit acts like a charge instead of an authorization.

Guest: “And that happens immediately?”

Me: “I’m not sure how long it will take your bank to process it, sir.”

Guest: “That was my last $50 to live on, so you’re going to give me my money back when I leave.”

Me: “There’s no way for me to do that, sir. I have no control over how long it takes your bank to process refunds.”

Guest: “You told me it would be immediate.”

Me: “I do not recall that, sir, and considering that’s not how refunds work, I can’t imagine I would have said that. But I’m sorry for the misunderstanding.”

Guest: “It’s not a misunderstanding! You told me that! That’s my last $50! And you’re going to give it back to me!”

Me: “Yes, sir, assuming everything is good after checkout on our end, we will process the refund. Then, it’s on your bank.”

Guest: “I want it back today.”

Me: “I have no control over that, sir.”

Guest: “This is bulls***. I want to speak to your manager.”

Me: “I’m the manager on duty.”

Guest: “Then I want to talk to the owner.”

Me: “He is on vacation.”

Guest: “How am I getting my money back?”

Me: “After you check out and housekeeping checks the room, we process the refund on our end. Then, it’s up to your bank.”

Guest: “You should have told me that at check-in.”

Me: “I don’t recall our conversation at check-in, sir, so I do apologize for the misunderstanding.”

Guest: “I wouldn’t have stayed here if I’d known the money wouldn’t come right back.”

Me: “Okay.”

Guest: “You misled me.”

Me: “I don’t believe I did.”

He whines some more and demands the deposit back some more, and I repeat myself some more because at this point there is really nothing else to say. After he finally leaves, I turn to my trusty sidekick, Security Camera. I pull up the video from when he checked in to figure out what I might have said that he is trying to twist on me.

Lo and behold, the dude never once asked about when the deposit would be refunded. He asked if the deposit had to be on his card, and I said yes. That was the entirety of our conversation about it. The deposit being back on his card was apparently such a big deal to him, but he made no mention of it to me. And now he’s lying about it.

He is back at the desk an hour later.

Guest: “So, the deposit will be back on my card today?”

Me: “I’m not sure how long it will take your bank to process it, sir.”

Guest: “You told me—”

Me: “No, I didn’t. You see that camera? It records everything I say and do. I told you there’s a $50 deposit on your card, you asked if it has to be on the card, and I said yes. That was the extent of the conversation about the deposit. You didn’t ask about how long it would take to get the deposit back on your card, so I didn’t say anything about it because I didn’t know that it was important to you. Usually, people ask when that’s the case.”

He grumbled and then stomped off, defeated.

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