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Check Your Racism

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A customer tries to pay by check, but this customer has had two checks bounce before.

Me: “Sir, we cannot accept payment from you by check.”

Customer: “That’s racist!”

Me: “No, sir, it’s because your last two checks had bounced, so we can no longer accept checks from you.”

Customer: “It’s because I’m [Race]!”

Me: “Could you call your bank to verify the funds while you’re still here?

Customer: “You’re racist for wanting to check with my bank!”

We end up calling the bank while he is talking with someone else. There are insufficient funds for the check to clear, so we give it back to him and tell him why.

Customer: *Pulling out a credit card* “This is so racist!”

His credit card is declined.

Customer: “You’re racist for declining my credit card!”

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