Check The Schedule Of Death

| Working | March 20, 2014

(I am woken up at 4 am to hear that my last remaining grandfather, who lives out-of-state, has just died. Needless to say it has been a tearful morning. Since no one at work has made an updated phone list since I started, over a year ago, I have almost no current numbers and the people whose numbers I do have are on shift this day already. I help my mom schedule her flight, get her packed, and call the store owner at 6 am, notifying him of the issue and requesting that he might find a replacement for me since I have no other coworkers to call and cover me. He is generally unsympathetic but says he will work on finding someone to come in for me. I end up not hearing from him and have to come in. I miss driving my mom to the airport and am unable to write any last words I want read at my grandpa’s funeral since I will be unable to attend it. At work, I call the owner and again ask for updated phone numbers or a possible replacement.)

Owner: “You know you’re responsible for finding your own replacement.”

Me: “I understand, but as I’ve explained earlier this morning, I have NO current phone numbers for anyone who isn’t already scheduled. I don’t know where to find them, or if a list has been made and not handed out.”

Owner: “Fine. We made a list. It’s in the back room. Now go find yourself a replacement.”

Me: “Okay.”

Owner: “And do me one other favor while you’re at it.”

Me: “Yes?”

(At this point I’m frustrated, suspicious, and verging on tears.)

Owner: “You should have warned me that this could happen. You knew he was sick and was probably going to die soon. Next time, let me know about this kind of stuff.”

Me: “WHAT?! He’s been in and out of hospitals for YEARS now! He came back last night from the hospital and everyone thought he was okay!”

(I’m now crying too hard to continue saying anything.)

Owner: “Okay, okay. But just let me know next time.”

(I then hung up on him in a rage after some incoherent babbling and sobbing. If it wasn’t for how bad I would have felt to make my favorite coworker open the store alone, I would have quit and walked out that day! I did find a replacement who came in within the hour though. This was a big factor for me when I quit a few months later.)

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