Check Out A Book On Seeing Through Walls

, , , , , | Working | January 9, 2021

Libraries have taken a hard hit during the health crisis. Our library is no exception. Admin has spent a good portion of our budget buying books for our digital platforms.

Since we are on a semi-open basis (curbside service only), we are told not to go into the admin hallway and get supplies so that we can keep everyone safe. Supplies will be brought down to us. They decide to send an interesting email out to the staff.

Admin: “The recent crisis has stretched our budget thin this year. We are asking that all staff be aware of the supplies and materials that you are taking from the admin hallway supply closet. We are almost out of receipt paper, as well as copier paper.”

Me: “How are we supposed to be aware of the materials we have if we can’t see the materials we have to begin with?”

Shift Leader: “Well, they’re just asking for us to realize our budget is stretched thin.”

Me: *Sarcastically* “I would have never guessed.”

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