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Check Out A Book On Listening While You’re There

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At our university library, we have subscription memberships so people who aren’t staff or students can use the library. During lockdown, we aren’t allowed to let these subscription members in. I answer a call.

Me: “[University] library, [My Name] speaking.”

Caller: *Not listening* “Hi. Can I come in to print my vaccine pass?”

Me: “Are you a student or staff member at [University]? Due to the alert level, you have to swipe your [University] card to come in.”

Caller: “Well, I’m a library member.”

I think she means a subscription member.

Me: “I’m sorry, subscription members can’t use the [University] library at the moment, but—”

Caller: *Instantly outraged* “Oh! Oh! So, they were lying on the radio yesterday when they said we could come into the library to print our vaccine passes? Why would they say that?!”

I realise she hasn’t listened to what I said.

Me: “Ah, you can go to the public library and they will print it for you.”

Caller: “Oh. Who are you, then?”

Me: “This is the [University] library.”

I believe I could hear her deflating as she meekly asked me to look up the correct number. Apparently, she didn’t hear me say the name of the university four times.

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