Cheating With Sets

| Learning | January 28, 2014

(I am in the 10th grade. We have an English test going on. They guy sitting behind me is copying my answers. The teacher sees this and asks me to move my bench forward. I do.)

Me: “Ma’am, should I join this desk?”

Teacher: *smiles* “You can cheat now, but what will you do in your finals? You will have sex there.”

(At first I thought I misheard her, so I look blankly at her face.)

Teacher: *at my blank expression* “Yes. You all will have sex in the finals.”

(The teacher repeats this about four more times, until everyone in the class is staring at her. A girl sitting in the first bench stands up and says:)

Girl: “Ma’am, your ‘sets’ is sounding a bit like ‘sex.’ That is why everyone is staring.”

(The teacher’s face went all red and she looked furiously at me. I gave her a helpless look back. She didn’t say another word and bolted from the classroom as soon as class was over. I am sure she must have heard the laughter that followed!)

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