Cheating Them Out Of A Decent Fight

| Romantic | April 20, 2014

(My partner and I are very honest and trust each other. Neither of us are the jealous types, but we have fun pretending to be one.)

Partner: *texting someone*

Me: “I don’t understand people who have to regularly check their partner’s phones.”

Partner: “For what?”

Me: “Evidence of cheating.”

Partner: “That’s ridiculous.”

Me: *sarcastically* “Who are you cheating on me with?!” *grabs his phone and checks his texts*

Partner: “Oh yeah?!” *he takes my phone and checks my chatting app*

(After about a minute of checking his phone, I throw his phone back to him.)

Me: “All I learned was that you’re cheating on me with me.”

Partner: *throws my phone back at me* “Yeah, this really is ridiculous.”

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