Cheating In Class

| Learning | September 11, 2013

(I am starting community college to knock out prerequisite classes for my Master’s degree. It is the first day of Biology class, and the professor is asking some questions as an intro and to assess our prior knowledge.)

Professor: “So, does anyone know about genetics? Could two parents who both have brown eyes have a child with blue eyes?”

Girl Next To Me: “What? Mm-mm, that means she’s CHEATING if that kids got blue eyes!”

Professor: *points at me* “What do you think?”

Me: “Yes, it’s possible.”

Professor: “That’s right! It’s possible because of recessive traits and how they are passed down genetically. We’ll be talking about that more later on in this class.”

Girl Next To Me: “No way man! That lady cheating!”

(It might be a loooong semester if she keeps sitting next to me.)

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