Cheated Out Of Her Punchline

| Learning | April 4, 2017

(We’re doing an assignment in class where we’re required to work as groups; however, it’s being treated as a quiz so we have to keep our heads down and talk quietly in our groups. The quiet girl in our class has to leave early, so she’ll occasionally glance up at the clock, which is behind her. Sitting directly under the clock is a group of stereotypical ‘popular’ girls who constantly give the quiet girl a hard time. One of them keeps scoffing at her every time she looks at the clock, but the quiet girl ignores her. And yes, the teacher is aware the quiet girl has to leave early and is just looking at the clock.)

Quiet Girl: *glances back at clock*

Popular Girl: “Jeez, [Quiet Girl], stop f****** cheating off me!” *It’s obvious she’s just trying to give her a hard time, and hopefully get her in trouble*

Quiet Girl: *fed up with her* “Don’t worry, [Popular Girl], if I was going to cheat I definitely wouldn’t cheat off of you.”

(Popular Girl’s jaw dropped and her eyes bulged. The entire class slowly turned to look at them, and then proceeded to clap.)

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