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Cheated At His Own Game

| Learning | September 18, 2013

(I am in second grade, and currently taking a test. The desks in my classroom are positioned in twos with their fronts pressed together, so two students are always facing each other. The student sitting in front of me tries to whisper to me as the teacher makes her rounds.)

Student: “Psst… hey, [My Name]!”

(I glance up at him, confused, but don’t say anything.)

Student: “What’s the answer to number five?”

(I look startled that he’s asking me to cheat, shake my head, and continue to take my test.)

Student: “Psst! Hey… what’s the answer to number five? Tell me! Hurry before the teacher comes back!”

Me: “Shh!”

Student: “Come on! Just tell me, please. I really need the help. I didn’t do very good my last test, and I don’t want my mom to get mad at me.”

(When he says this, I feel bad for him, so I quickly tell him the answer and go back to my test. The teacher passes us, but doesn’t notice, and goes to the other side of the classroom again.)

Student: “Psst… hey, [My Name], what’s your phone number?”

Me: “…why?”

Student: “Just tell me!”

Me: “I’ll tell you after the test! Now shh!”

(At this, he nods, and continues taking his test. He doesn’t ask me for any more answers. When we’re finished later, and we’re doing normal work, he comes over to me, smiling mischievously.)

Student: “So, can I have your phone number?”

Me: “Uh… sure, I guess…”

(I grab a piece of paper and quickly jot down a random number, which is not my phone number, because for some reason I don’t really trust him. The number starts with 555, and is only six digits long.)

Me: “Here.”

Student: “Thanks! I’m going to call your mom later and tell her you cheated on that test we just took! Thanks a lot stupid!”

(Surprise surprise, my mom never got that phone call.)

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