Cheat Yourself Out Of A Year

| Learning | February 16, 2015

(Our class consists of students of various ages, but most of us are in our early 20s. One woman, who is 32, is the second oldest in class and has been to university before (which she failed). She’s notoriously late and often misses lessons or whole days. She missed our last economy test and now has to take it the following week while the rest of us continue with lessons. I can see her from where I sit and 10 minutes into the test see her pull out some papers from under her shirt – she is known for cheating, too.)

Me: *quietly and motioning in her direction* “Miss [Teacher], did you just see that?”

Teacher: *also quietly* “Yeah, but I really just want her to pass this class so I don’t have to teach her next year…”

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