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Cheapskates Like This Takes The Rice-Cake

, , , | Right | August 23, 2021

A friend of mine calls me in a panic. She has been let down by an agency that was supposed to supply someone to help at her stall, handing out samples, taking names, answering questions, etc. I’ve done this sort of thing before and am not keen to do it again, but she needs the help.

Five hours of traveling and setting up the stand later, I get dressed up and start dutifully handing out samples.

These events are to help companies get their names out there, find interested customers, and grow their brand. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of people just looking for a free meal who will take whatever they can, often taking time away from people that could help my friend’s company grow.

Me: “Can I interest you in a sample?”

Attendee: “What is it?”

Me: “It’s a new type of rice cake, very light with subtle flavours of—”

I don’t get a chance to finish my speech as the guy nearly knocks my platter from my hands, trying to grab a handful.

Attendee: “Ugh, I don’t like this.”

He tries to put a load of food back on the platter.

Me: “There is a bin behind you.”

Attendee: “Can’t you just take it?”

Me: “There is a bin behind you.”

It is seriously closer to him than me.

Attendee: “What else you got?”

Me: “This company specialises in rice cakes; I would imagine you won’t like the rest.”

Attendee: “Oh, okay. Got any freebies?”

Me: “No, sorry.”

Well, not for you, anyway!

He walked to the next stand, grabbed a handful, and then moved onto the next. He worked his way down the row, and much of what he took seemed to go back on the plates or in the bin. Unfortunately, I had many more like him, and that’s one of the reasons small companies struggle.

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