Charlotte Is The Odd One

| Related | July 27, 2015

(I never plan on having kids but my sister wants a big family when she’s older so I often horrible names for her.)

Me: “You should name your future kid Elizabeth, and then I can call her lizard!”

Sister: “How about no?”


Me: “Oh, I know! If you marry someone with the last name Dactyl then you have to have a daughter named Tarah. Like Pterodactyl!”

Sister: “You want me to name my child after a dinosaur?”

Me: “Yes?”

(The next day.)

Me: “I know another name!”

Sister: “I swear if you want to name my kid after another reptile…”

Me: “I was going to say Charlotte, but okay.”

Sister: “Ah yes, my three children, Lizard, Pterodactyl, and Charlotte. Thank God you’re never having kids!”

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