Charles The Charlatan

| Learning | July 25, 2013

Professor: “Now class, I know you all learned about the Holy Roman Empire in high school. What do you remember?”

(The class is silent.)

Professor: “That’s okay; I’ll give you a hint. Do you remember learning about Charles Mengie?”

(The name does not sound familiar, and certainly does not sound like it is from that time period.)

Professor: “Come on! Charles Mengie, what kind of school doesn’t teach you about Charles Mengie! You all must have not paid attention; I know you learned about him! Charles Mengie!”

(The professor gives up, and writes his name on the board. Immediately, the light bulb goes off in all of us upon seeing how it is spelled.)

Me: “Professor, did you mean Charlemagne?”

Professor: “I guess that’s another way you can pronounce it… Charles Mengie!”

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