Charity Starts At Home

, , , , | Hopeless | February 24, 2018

(The store where I work is having a charity drive. It’s not a well-known charity, and since it’s summer, people aren’t as prepared to be asked for money as during the Christmas season. Also, we’re required to ask every customer for donations at checkout, so regulars get asked multiple times over the month. Still, people are generous, and we usually get offers of $1 to $3, with an occasional offer of $5, and rarely more. On the last day of the drive, a customer and her daughter, about ten years old, come to my register.)

Me: *ringing her up* “Would you like to donate a few dollars to [Charity] today?”

Customer: “I haven’t heard of that. What is it?”

Me: “It’s a children’s cancer institute near our company’s headquarters.”

Customer’s Daughter: *gasps and looks at me with wide eyes, then looks to her mom*

Me: “We run a charity for them every summer. Each of our stores is supporting a different kid at the institute, and here we’re supporting a little girl named Kate.”

Customer: “Oh, that’s so great.”

Customer’s Daughter: “Mom! Can we donate $100?”

(The customer and I both smile and laugh a little.)

Customer: “No, honey, we can’t give that much.”

Customer’s Daughter: “Well, what about $20? $30?”

Customer: “Here, you can put me for $5.”

(Still a generous amount, considering, and I thanked her and got to announce the donation over the store’s speakers. I’m not sure how that young girl got to be so sensitive about kids in need, but I’m glad she came through my register, and kudos to her for trying!)

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