Charged With Stupidity

| Related | June 10, 2013

(I receive a text from my brother, who I don’t live with.)

Brother: “You still got your old iPhone?”

Me: “What? No, I left it there when I got my new phone.”

Brother: “Where? I need to test something.”

Me: “With dad. Ask him.”

Brother: “I don’t think he’d be happy with my suggestion.”

Me: “What…?”

Brother: “I heard it’s possible to fully charge an iPhone by putting it in a microwave for one minute.”

(At this point I call him, gobsmacked.)

Me: “What? You’re an idiot!”

Brother: “Huh? Why?”

Me: “Go look up why you don’t put metal in the microwave! Now!”

Brother: “It’s not metal; it’s aluminium!”

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