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Charged With Anger, Part 2

, , , , | Right | August 31, 2020

I work in the copy department of a retail chain. We recently put in a computer for customers to use, for a fee. It has brought us no end of trouble. This particular customer has been on the computer for roughly an hour.

Customer: “Excuse me! I just finished using that machine and it says that it charged me $20! I thought it was free!”

Me: “Um… Well, ma’am, you had to put in a payment card to use it, and pricing is clearly marked above the card reader.”

Customer: “I saw that, but then the computer said it was free!”

Me: “I’m fairly sure it didn’t, ma’am.”

Customer: “It did! When it started up, a little window came up that said I wasn’t being charged for the time!”

Me: “Oh, no, ma’am, that window was letting you know that you weren’t being charged while the computer was booting, so you would know that if the computer took a few minutes it wasn’t going to penalize you for its start-up lag.”

Customer: “THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! I demand to see your manager!”

I call the manager, and he tells her exactly the same thing I did, even going so far as to walk over and read off the posted pricing for her.

Customer: “This is an outrage! I could have gone to the library and done this for free!”

Manager: “But you didn’t.”

At this, the customer storms out of the store, vowing to call corporate.

Me: “I hate that computer.”

Charged With Anger

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