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Charged Up Over These “Delinquent” Charges

, , , , | Working | August 5, 2021

In the early 1990s, I decided to change banks and closed my account. I took a cashier’s check and walked down the street to my new bank, secure in the knowledge that my business with the other one was well ended. A month later, I got a statement showing that I had accrued about thirty cents in interest. I called the bank.

Teller: “Your account is definitely closed. The interest is just a phantom that will disappear once the paper records are inputted to the computer.”

A month later, I got another statement showing that I had been fined $10 because I didn’t have enough money in the account. Since that put it into negative numbers, they charged it against my overdraft protection. Again, I called and was assured that they would handle it and I didn’t need to worry.

Another month passed, and another statement arrived. I had been charged another $10 and they were going to report me to the credit bureaus as delinquent. I took an hour off from work and walked into the bank. I looked for a desk that looked important, sat down, and announced to anyone that could hear that I wasn’t leaving until they explained why I was being reported as delinquent on a debt that shouldn’t exist.

I left with documentation of my closed account and never heard from them again.

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