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Charged Up With Unrighteous Indignation

, , , | Learning | September 1, 2017

(I am a student employee at a fine arts college, where I work on the stage crew for student productions. For some reason, a summer camp the college runs has requested a concert hall so they can draw posters, so my coworker and I have to be present, even though there’s nothing for us to do. It’s important to note WE ARE NOT STAFF for this program, and have absolutely zero obligation to help these kids. We’re basically there to make sure no one breaks or steals any of the expensive equipment in the room. One of the campers breaks off from the group and approaches us at the sound-board at the far end of the hall.)

Camper: “Hey, I was wondering if you guys had a phone charger I could use?”

Coworker: “I don’t; I’m sorry.”

([Camper] pointedly looks at my laptop, which I’m using to charge my phone.)

Me: “Sorry, I’m using my cord right now.”

Camper: “Well, I’m only on two percent. What percent are YOU on?”

(My coworker and I look at him in silence for several seconds.)

Me: “Are you serious right now?”

Camper: “…fine.”

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