Charge Me Once, Shame On You

| Bangor, MN, USA | Right | June 22, 2010

Me: “Okay, that’ll be $85.49, ma’am.”

Customer: “I’ll be paying by cash, please.”

(I press cash and wait for her. Instead, the customer picks up the stylus attached to my card signature pad and taps it against the screen.)

Me: “Ma’am?”

Customer: “Just a moment. I’m waiting for the relevant screen to come up so I can sign my name.”

(The customer proceeds to viciously stab the stylus into the screen, then smacks the side of it with her hand.)

Me: “Umm, a signature isn’t required if you’re paying cash.”

Customer: “What? Oh, well then.”

(She fishes out her wallet and hands me a $100. I finish the transaction and am counting out her change when she picks up the stylus and begins stabbing the signature pad again.)

Customer: “Now it’s just gone back to displaying the store logo. Where’s the option for me to authorize the amount?”

Me: “A customer authorization is only required if you’re paying by debit, ma’am. You’ve already paid with cash so the transaction is finished.”

(As I hand over her change, she looks down at the signature pad again.)

Customer: “Well, can I still sign just to be sure you don’t charge me twice for this?”

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  • Raltizal

    I may be incorrect here, but based on this story I am imagining the customer to be an older (not old, late 50s) woman which surprised me that she would forget how to pay in cash. I’d expect it more with the younger generations that usually have never paid in cash and only use a card. Again though, just my impression based on the language of the customer (“the relevant screen” for one thing) so I could be wrong and it’s someone in their 20’s

  • Abigail Hermione Irwin

    And exactly HOW would they charge the customer twice?? Since the customer is paying CASH. Were they expecting the OP to reach into their wallet and seize another $100 bill or something?