Channelling Some Anger Issues

, , | Right | August 21, 2018

(I work for a major telecommunications company, in the customer service department. A customer calls in because he is missing a lot of channels on his TV.)

Me: “I apologize; this must be very frustrating. Are you receiving any error message when trying to view your missing channels?”

(When a customer receives a message stating “NOT AUTHORIZED,” it means they don’t have the channel because they need to either upgrade their package or purchase the channel individually.)

Customer: “No, just a blank black screen.”

(Because he says it is a blank screen, I know this will be something I won’t be able to assist with. I try to tell the customer I will need to transfer him to technical support for further assistance.)

Customer: *completely ignoring what I said, being very rude and snappy* “We are going to go over one channel at a time and see which channels are working and which aren’t. Write down the channel number so we can count how many channels aren’t working.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but—’

Customer: “Channel one, working. Channel two, working. Channel three, not working.”

Me: “Sir, I need to transf—”

Customer: “…channel four, not working. Channel five, working—”

Me: “Sir, please allow me to transf—”

Customer:Listen. Do not speak. Let me finish; I’m talking, and you will listen to me!

(I mute my mic, allow him to speak, and roughly twenty minutes later, after reaching channel 310 or so…)

Customer: “Did you write it all down? You’d better have, because I ain’t doing this s*** again!”

Me: “I’m not a technical support agent; I will need to transfer you for further assistance.”

Customer: “Why didn’t you say so in the first place? Give me your d*** supervisor!”

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