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, , | Right | March 20, 2018

(We have self-scans, which can be a pain in the butt sometimes, but they are generally helpful in keeping customers happy while we put out the morning deliveries. However, sometimes these self-scans frustrate people. I’m working on the reductions — reducing items that go out of date today — and walking up and down the aisles. I hear a commotion as a man is leaving the store.)

Customer: “You f****** robbing b****es!”

(I am very, very confused and run round to my colleague who is serving on the tills. This colleague is a very petite, older lady. She is serving someone else and quietly laughing to herself when I arrive.)

Me: *when the customer leaves* “What just happened?!”

Colleague: “Oh, this guy and his girlfriend came in. They used the self-scan, as young people seem to like to do. It gave him his change, which was five pence, but it gave it to him in the form of two two-pences and one one-pence. So, we had a mini argument…”

(Our store has a policy that we cannot change money of any form, so someone cannot come in with a five-pound note and ask for five one-pound coins. This is how the conversation went.)

Customer: “I wanted a five-pence coin. Change it.”

Colleague: “I just closed the till and cannot access it again without a sale now.”

Customer: “You just shut that on purpose, you b****! Just change it for me!”

Colleague: “I can’t. I’m sorry.”

Customer: *throws the money he got at my colleague* “You’re lying to me! You f****** closed that on purpose! You f****** b****!”

Colleague: “Now, you look here! Don’t you swear at me like that! Get out, now! I’m sure charity will appreciate the five pence you threw at me more than you do!” *proceeds to put the money in a charity box*

(The customer stormed out, swearing and ranting about how we were robbing him.)

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