Changing The World, One Change Tin At A Time

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I locked myself out of the house before work one evening, so the next morning I had to call the letting agency to get the spare keys to let myself in. They said I could have the spares, but I’d have to collect them from the office myself, and bring them back the same day.

It was 9:30 in the morning. I’d been out of the house since 5:00 pm, and in that time I’d walked two miles to the train station to catch the train to work, worked an 11-hour shift in a supermarket, and then done the same journey in reverse. The letting agency is a 2.5-mile walk from my house, and I’d have to make the journey four times in total. It was just a few days before payday, and I didn’t have enough in my bank to be able to withdraw any cash for bus fare. I’d had to get my office to buy my train tickets for me just to get to work, and borrowed money from my mum to feed myself.

My neighbour came into her garden while I was on the phone, to see why her dogs were going frantic at the back door. She was sympathetic, having managed to lock herself out of her house before, and didn’t like the idea of me having to do all that walking when I was already so tired. She told me to wait a few seconds before heading off, and went back inside. She came out with the contents of her change tin, which was more than enough to get an all-day bus ticket. She also offered to keep a hold of my backpack, containing a heavy pair of work boots among other things, until I got back.

Thanks to my neighbour, I managed to get to and from the letting agency safely. When I tried to give her the leftover change back, she refused it and told me to use it to start refilling my own change tin.

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