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Change-ing That Complaint

, , , , , | Right | September 25, 2022

I deliver food for a Chinese restaurant in my hometown. I have a delivery for a hotel nearby. I knock on the room door and a teenage girl answers.

Me: “Hello, your total is $40.95.”

She hands me a fifty-dollar bill.

Girl #1: “Can I have $8 back?”

Me: “Sure, I have to go back to my car to get change. I forgot to bring some in with me.”

Girl #1: “Okay.”

I turn and walk away to get the change. It only takes me about three minutes to return to her door and knock again. As I do, I hear clear as day:

Girl #1: “Hi, I want to complain about one of your drivers.”

The door opens and a second girl appears. Before I can stop myself, I say:

Me: “Did you guys just call to complain about me?”

Girl #2: “No.”

Girl #1: *Still on the phone* “Hold on.”

I can tell she is lying but don’t know what else to say. I put on a sarcastic smile and reply.

Me: “Oh, okay.” *Chuckles* “Here’s your change.”

I walked away and texted my coworker, who was answering calls. I asked her if someone had called to complain about a driver and she said yes. Apparently, after the first girl said hold on and I asked them if they were complaining about me, they quickly hung up the phone.

My guess is that they somehow thought I wasn’t going to return with their change despite my telling them that I would be right back.

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