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Chaise The Source Of The Error

| Working | November 12, 2013

(I work for a wholesaler. Basically, the customers come in and order from catalogs from merchandisers. The catalogs are very hard to understand and confusing, and the merchandisers all have a no-return policies. My manager is oblivious to this.)

Manager: “What is with all these wrong orders? Why can’t you do anything right?”

Me: “I’m sorry; it’s just that those catalogs are so hard to understand.”

Manager: “Nonsense. Even a moron can put in right orders. Are you stupid? Are you in fifth grade?”

(She continues to berate me, scoffing at the thought of the catalogs being too confusing. A few weeks later…)

Me: “What’s that ugly couch doing in our front window?”

Coworker: “The manager accidentally ordered it for a customer. Now she’s trying to sell it since she can’t return it!”

(The couch itself is a neon green with hideous zebra pillows.)

Me: “Ha! It looks like the couch for a pimp!”

(The manager left me alone after that!)

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