Chairing This Situation, Part 2

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The lockdown has given my family a chance to go through and get rid of a lot of our old stuff. We have given away a load of kid’s stuff for free and everything else is cheap.

We have an armchair that was a spare, never really used. We paid around £150 new; we are asking £30.

Choosy Beggar: “I like the armchair; could I pay £20? I can come round tomorrow? We have just bought a house and have no furniture.”

Me: “You know what, sure. We will make sure it has been cleaned and will leave it outside ready for you.”

I disassemble the chair, take it down two narrow flights of stairs, steam clean it, and reassemble it outside. The choosy beggar picks it up and pays, but I get a message that night.

Choosy Beggar: “The chair doesn’t fit in our house; could we bring it back? You could sell it to someone else.”

Me: “Sorry, no. We haven’t got the room anymore.”

Choosy Beggar: “I can’t fit it through the door; what can I do?”

Me: “I have no idea. I got it down two flights of stairs. Try taking the legs off?”

Choosy Beggar: “Thanks for nothing.”

Chairing This Situation

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