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Chairing And Sharing

| Learning | February 28, 2014

(We’re learning about Greek mythology in English class before reading Homer’s ‘Odyssey.’)

Teacher: “So, that’s why Hephaestus built a magical chair to trap his unfaithful wife, Aphrodite.”

Student #1: “What?! That’s not right! She should be able to sleep around if she wants to!”

Teacher: “Well, let’s think about this for a moment—”

Student #1: “But no, seriously, Mrs. [Name]. If you were cheatin’ and your husband tied you to a chair and wouldn’t let you leave the house, wouldn’t you be mad?!”

(At this point, the teacher is frustrated at being interrupted so many times.)

Teacher: “No! No, I wouldn’t. The way I figure it, if I couldn’t keep it in my pants, then that would be a pretty fair punishment.”

(The teacher suddenly grows pale as she realizes what she just said.)

Student #2: “… That just happened.”

Teacher: *clicks to next slide* “Moving right along!”

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