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Chained Down By The Reaper

, , , | Working | August 29, 2017

(i have to go to the ER because I have cut my finger while sharpening a scythe. The doctor interviews me about how it happened, for the letter which I’ll have to give to my GP for following check-ups. However, we soon encounter some difficulties communicating, because German isn’t the doctor’s mother tongue.)

Doctor: “Wow, that cut was rather deep. How did it happen?”

Me: “I’ve cut myself sharpening a scythe.”

Doctor: “Sorry, with what?”

Me: “A scythe.”

Doctor: *look of confusion*

Me: “A scythe. You know… that thing the grim reaper carries around?”

Doctor: *disbelieving look* “Oh, okay. I think I know what you mean.”

(I got my stitches and drove home. When I arrived, I took a look at the letter the doctor wrote and broke out laughing. “The patient cut himself with a chainsaw.” I guess Eastern European reapers are sort of hardcore.)

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