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Certainly Driving That Point Home

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(I’m about eight years old, but thanks to a dysfunctional family, I’m very mature for my age. My family goes to visit our cousins in their house, and it’s like a palace to me. Instead of a cramped, roach-infested apartment, they have a two-story house with a fireplace. Their house has beautiful, obviously new things, while our house has old things from a yard sale. Their daughter is about my age, but is an only child, so she has the best toys that actually work, and no older siblings to bully her. Her parents are always talkative and energetic, while my mom lays in her bed and cries all day due to depression and my dad goes out and drinks at bars. Needless to say, I’m EXTREMELY envious of their daughter, who is like a princess to me. Plus, she’s very friendly, unlike my siblings. When it’s time to go, this happens:)

Me: “Please! I don’t want to go back!”

Mom: *extremely embarrassed* “Stop being a nuisance; you have to go with us!”

Me: “But their house is so big and ours is so tiny!”

(Dad just turns red and says nothing.)

Mom: “Uh, you can’t just stay!”

Me: “I want to stay!” *cries*

Mom: “You’ll have to work and clean dishes and such. It isn’t so easy to stay!”

Me: “I’ll do it! I don’t care!”

(They finally dragged me out of there, crying hard and screaming. My cousins said nothing, only looked concerned. I was a really quiet child, so I guess they were shocked. I held a lot of resentment against them for not realizing and helping me, but as the years went by, things got better. My dad stopped drinking and got a better job and an actual house, and my mom tried to be more involved in her kids’ lives. I haven’t spoken about that incident with them because I am so embarrassed about how humiliating I was, but maybe it was a wakeup call for them.)

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