A Cents-less Job

, , , , | Working | April 9, 2018

(We go to a very popular chain restaurant. We order our food, but when it arrives, a 99-cent taco is missing. I go up to the cashier and tell her that a taco is missing. She tells me they will get it right out to me. We wait. Nothing. We finish our food and still no taco. I go up to her again.)

Me: “Ma’am, I still haven’t gotten my taco!”

Cashier: “We can make it now; I am sorry.”

(Given that we have finished our food and they still have not even made the taco, despite our previous complaint, I am in no mood for it.)

Me: “You know what, ma’am? I am done with my meal, so if you can just issue me a refund for the taco, I would appreciate it.”

Cashier: “Oh, let me give you a refund of 99 cents, all right? That will take you far!”

Me: “Actually, yes, please. I work hard for every dollar, unlike you. Since you couldn’t do your job and make a taco that I paid for, I can help you do your job by making you give me refund. Thanks.”

(I walked out and swore to never go back again.)

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