Causes For Several Pregnant Pauses

| Related | March 7, 2015

(I am pregnant with my first child and I share the news with my families on the holidays. My brother’s wife had children from a previous marriage, but my mother has no grandchildren biologically related to her. This was the first. My mother has been known to say some extremely random things, but she always means it with good intentions.)

Me: “I have some big news! [Husband] and I are expecting a baby!”

Brother #1: “That’s great!”

Brother #2: “Congrats. That’s wonderful.”

Mother: “Wow! A baby?!”

Me: “What else would it be? *laughing*

Mother: “Wow!” *to my husband* “[Husband], thanks for impregnating my daughter.”

(Everyone in the room looks at her. It was weird.)

Husband: “Uh, yeah! Anytime.”

Me: “Mom! Stop saying weird stuff! That’s a weird thing to say!”

Mother: “I’m just so excited to finally be having a grandchild!”

Brother #2: *uncomfortable look*

(My mother realizes she might have hurt my brother’s feelings.)

Mother: “I mean, yeah, I love [Stepkid #1] and [Stepkid #2] just like grandchildren, I, uh… that’s not going to change! It’s just…”

Husband: *trying to make it less awkward* “You’re excited because this will be a baby. That’s what you mean.”

Mother: “No, that’s not what I mean…” *thinking*

Step-Father: *making it more awkward* “This will be kin. Blood.” *nodding*

(All anyone could think was ‘wow, they were meant for each other.’ That kind of broke the awkward tension and we had a good laugh.)

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