Cause Of A Pregnant Pause

| Related | November 1, 2013

(I’m visiting my boyfriend’s family, at the baby-shower for his sister. I hear an exchange between my boyfriend’s aunt and mother.)

Aunt: “It’s so unfair…”

Mother: “What’s unfair?”

Aunt: “[Mother-To-Be] doesn’t get to play!”

Mother: “She doesn’t have to play…”

Aunt: “Well, how’s she going to win any prizes if she doesn’t play!?”

Mother: “[Mother-To-Be] isn’t winning any prizes.”

Aunt: “Oh that’s horrible! [Mother-To-Be], after this I’m going to take you shopping! That’s just wrong; you not winning any prizes.”

(My boyfriend’s aunt continues to complain about how the mother-to-be isn’t going to win any prizes, despite being assured that it’s okay by several people, including the mother-to-be. It only stops when my boyfriend’s mother yells loud enough to stop every other conversation in the room.)

Mother: “[Aunt], her prize is the f****** baby!”

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