Cause For Pregnant Pause

| Friendly | July 3, 2016

(I am pregnant. There isn’t any significant weight gain on the rest of my body, so unless you could see my stomach you wouldn’t think I am pregnant. I am around eight and a half months pregnant and I’m picking up some shopping at the supermarket.)

Me: *minding my own business walking down the aisle*

Colleague: *loudly, from behind her* “You lying b****!”

Me: *turns around, showing my pregnant belly, and recognises my colleague* “Oh, hi, [Colleague]. Were you shouting that at me?”

Colleague: “Oh! I heard you were pregnant but you don’t look it from behind so I thought you were making it up to get paid leave.”

Me: “Well, thanks for saying that, but—“

Colleague: “Yeah, you just look like a fat b****!”

(Two weeks later, almost exactly nine months, my baby was born at 8lbs 5oz. Thanks to that rude coworker I decided to change my career and now am a practitioner at a special needs primary school!)

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