Cause And Reject

| Working | April 24, 2013

(Due to my boss always being in a rotten mood, our office morale is very low. My boss calls for meeting to find out why.)

Boss: “I called this meeting to find out why there aren’t any happy faces here.  A positive attitude is key! Now, tell me what’s gong on.”

(We all look at each other, then at her, not wanting to say that she’s the reason. The boss is looking at each of our faces, trying to read us.)

Boss: “Come on! Spit it out! I know there’s a reason why you are all moping. Hurry up!”

(She continues to plead with us to speak up, until finally, I do.)

Me: “Well, no disrespect, but it is you who are coming in with a negative attitude every day and it really brings us down.”

Boss: *gasps* “What! I. Am. Not. Negative! How dare YOU!”

(She rants about how she always has the happiest attitude, and that I’m wrong. The next day, she fires me for slander.  Happily, I found another job where I’m my own boss!)

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