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Caught Red-Headed

| Romantic | September 8, 2016

(I work in a jewelry store that sells a popular brand of “create-it-yourself” bracelets. There are hundreds of beads to choose from, so it can take some time to put one together. One day, a man who appears to be in his late-50s comes in and wants to make a bracelet for his wife for their anniversary. Note: I have recently dyed red my naturally light brown hair.)

Me: *after nearly an hour of helping him pick out beads and stringing them onto the bracelet* “This is a really great start! And the best part is she’ll be able to keep adding on for other special occasions.”

Customer: “That’s great, that’s great…” *he looks around and sees there’s no one else at the counter with us* “You know, you’re very pretty.”

Me: *internal sigh* “Thank you. Did you want this gift-wrapped?”

Customer: *leans farther onto the counter and grins* “Can I tell you, I’ve always loved redheads.”

Me: “That’s funny; my hair color is fake. Is your wife a redhead?”

Customer: *slinks back* “I… uh… no, she’s not.”

Me: *feigned innocence* “Oh, I thought that was why you mentioned it! So, would you like this gift-wrapped?”

Customer: “Uh… yeah.”

(I rang him up and he left with his wife’s anniversary present. I’d like to say this is a rare occurrence, but unfortunately it isn’t. I don’t know what it is that makes some men, particularly men of that age range, think they can hit on another woman while shopping for their “wives.” Yeah, like I’m going to ignore the fact that I’m helping you pick out a gift for your spouse. Good luck with that.)