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Caught Red-Bearded

| Learning | September 6, 2015

(The teacher has bright red hair and beard. During class he will tell us stories about how he was the captain of the football team when he was in high school. The teacher assistant in this class is usually quiet and keeps to herself. Normally she sits at her desk and grades papers, or answer the phone if the teacher isn’t in the room. One day the teacher has to leave the room to get something he forgot in the teachers lounge. After a couple of minutes the phone rings, the class quiets down, and the teacher assistant answers the phone.)

Teacher’s Assistant: “Hello, you have reached Captain Redbeard’s room. [Teacher’s Assistant] speaking.”


Teacher’s Assistant: “I- I mean Redbe—uh… the capta… I mean Captain Redbeard’s…”

(The teacher assistant’s face turned bright red and she bowed her head, and took a deep breath. Audible laughter was heard from the phone. After the actual conversation she sat there quietly and slowly resumed what she was working on, her face still bright red. For the rest of the year the teacher was known as “Captain Redbeard” by the rest of the faculty and staff.)

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