Caught Brown Handed, Part 2

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I am in a Chinese restaurant when a waiter asks an older customer:

Waiter: “Where is the soy sauce? It’s gone and isn’t on the table anymore.”

I turn to my husband.

Me: “Who watches tables that closely?”

It soon becomes obvious why. The older customer has a fit.

Older Customer: *Demanding* “Why would you ask me?! I don’t know! Are you accusing me of being a thief? How absurd!”

Waiter: “To remind you, those dispensers don’t seal.”

The customer, who has already paid, throws down her napkin, sticks her nose in the air and marches out of the restaurant, loudly objecting to her poor treatment and oblivious that she is leaving a trail of sauce as it runs out of the bottom of her designer purse and down the leg of her linen pantsuit.

The waiter and host laugh after she is gone.

Host: “Serves her right. It’s not the first time she has stolen from us.”

Waiter: “There’s little chance she will demand that her cleaning bill be paid or her purse replaced, since to do so would be an admission that she had actually taken the dispenser.”

It made me wonder what she had done before; maybe tried to take one home in her pocket?

Caught Brown Handed

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